Message from the Exhibition Chairperson

The main theme for the 34th ISTS is “Space for All of Us.” Many countries have already been involved in space research, development and utilization globally, and private companies are dramatically expanding their space businesses, clearly playing more important roles in space activities. It is also noteworthy that data and experiences long accumulated by our predecessors have broadened the possibilities of space activities across fields, with new ideas being proposed by people in the next generation in line with the tendency toward DX. Moreover, as a special benefit provided in today’s world, you can have various businesses connected with space wherever you are if you have promising ideas for the business, which could be one that takes advantage of unique regional features. It can therefore be said that space activities significantly contribute to the solution of a range of issues faced by us and play an important role to enrich our society and help people live with peace of mind. Based on this recognition and on the main theme, we are planning to hold an international exhibition as part of the ISTS to provide visitors to the venue with an opportunity to gain new insights, make new encounters and find new partners for collaboration.

Kurume, where the ISTS will be held, is renowned for high quality manufacturing and is one of the cities that are leading the aerospace industry in Kyushu, including Fukuoka Prefecture. In the city, multiple SMEs are working together for satellite development, which will help the aerospace technology industry to achieve further growth.

We are inviting companies and various organizations to participate in the exhibition as exhibitors. For details, please refer to the requirements for participation as shown below.


During the exhibition period, we expect that many people will visit the venue from regions inside and outside Japan and use the event as a great opportunity to build networks and gain inspirations. We are looking forward to meeting you at the venue to share the experience of feeling connected to space while experiencing the local culture of Kurume and Fukuoka.

Chairperson of the Exhibition Committee
34th ISTS

Exhibition Outline

In the 34th ISTS International Space Exhibition, the results yielded by aerospace research & development and current activities led by manufacturing industries in the field of science & technology will be introduced not only to participants of the symposium, but also to the public widely. Therefore, the exhibition provides the opportunity to realize the fascination of space and the range possibilities it offers.

1)Exhibition Name34th ISTS International Space Exhibition
2)Promoter34th ISTS Organizing Committee, Exhibition Committee
3)Open Period & SiteJune 3 (Sat.) – June 7 (Wed.), 2023
Kurume City Plaza Exhibition Room & Shared areas (part of) 
4)Exhibit Fee (Tax excluded)Shell Scheme Stand (3×3×2.4m)
280,000yen (tax not included)
(Includes online publication fee of 30,000 yen.).
Panel Stand (0.9×2.1m)  
80,000yen (tax not included)
(Includes online publication fee of 30,000 yen.)

Regulation & Application Form Download

The guideline and the application form for “34th ISTS Exhibition Program Participants” can be downloaded here. If you wish to apply for the exhibition, please complete and return the form to the 34th ISTS Exhibition Secretariat not later than 28 February 2023. We will send further information to those who have returned the form. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to having your participation to make the Symposium as attractive and fruitful as possible.

 Exhibition RegulationPDF (PDF)PDF (PDF)
 Application FormWord (Word)Word (Word)

Booth exhibits are no longer accepted as the planned number of booths has been reached.Panel exhibitions are still being accepted.


34th ISTS Exhibition Secretariatc/o the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences.The 4th floor of Kinsan Building,4-1- 21, Nihonbashi-Muromachi  Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103 0022, Japan

E-mail: 34ists@jsforum.or.jp