11th Spacecraft Control System Design Contest

Date & Time: June, 2023
Award to be held this time:


  • For details of each Award, please read the respective Award documents carefully.
  • All information regarding the contest may be updated from time to time as necessary. Therefore, those who plan to participate in the contest should always endeavor to obtain. The latest information at the ISTS website.

Instruction and Procedure for Players & Participants

Important Dates (all in Japan Standard Time (JST))

March 31st, 2023The theme is published on ISTS Web
April 31st, 2023Deadline to apply for the contest by email.
Confirmation email will be send at the beginning of May.
May 31st, 2023Deadline for submission of program and presentation materials via email.
June, 2023Check connection and operation at the day before the contest
June, 2023Contest

How to apply

NOTE: The above information is required not only to run the contest, but also as a minimum contact information in case you win the prize.
Materials to be submitted by Players
1.Program: Read carefully the documents of the Award you are going to participate in and prepare what is required there.
2.Presentation materials: PowerPoint or PDF file that introduces you and your team and summarizes the features and characteristics of the control program you created in the amount of about 3-minute oral presentation.

Instruction and Procedure for Players & Participants


1.The competition is held in a tournament format, that is, the winner and runner-up are determined in the final game, and then the third place game is played to determine the third place.
2.Each winner of game is able to move on to the next step.
3.The winner of game will be judged by the criteria set by each host of Award.
4.After each game, a replacement of your control program is allowed if it can be done within the time specified by the contest organizer.

Winner’s Package

The program and presentation materials created by prizewinners will be uploaded to the ISTS website after the contest as “Winner’s package.
Therefore, in case you are the winner, please prepare your presentation materials with due consideration for personal information and privacy.

Copyright and Privacy Policies

1. Copyright

The contest organizer and ISTS Secretariat do no claim any transfer or inheritance of the copyrights of the program and presentation materials created by the players, and they continue to belong only to the respective players.
The contest organizer and ISTS Secretariat may use and publish the program and presentation materials prepared by the prizewinners of the contest without the permission of the respective players, and may also use them as teaching materials for universities, etc., provided that the players submit a written permission to ISTS Secretariat.

2.Projection at the venue

The content of the contest projected at the venue, including presentation materials with, for example personal information if any) may be distributed on-demand by the contest organizer and ISTS Secretariat without the consent of the players, and may be used as teaching materials at universities, etc., provided that the participants submits a written consent to ISTS Secretarial.

3.Scene in the contest

Photographs of the venue, of the players, and of the online screen will be taken only for the purpose of post-event reports (e.g., in conference journals) and to publicize future contests. The contest organizer will notify the participants just before taking the photos and give them time to deal with the problem by themselves.