Symposium Program

Program Book (May.26,2023)

Date AM PM Others
June 3rd (Sat)     Exhibition
June 4th (Sun)   ・Participation registration acceptance start
・Space education session) (U session)
June 5th (Mon) ・Opening Ceremony 
・Special Session:World Space Highlight
・Special Session: Keynote Speech/Space for all —Building a sustainable society —

・Special Session 2/Sustainable Space Endeavors: Transforming Ideas into Impactful, Diverse Actions

・Welcome reception
June 6th (Tue) ・Academic Session
・OS 1 Space Transportation
・Academic Session
・OS 1 Sustainable Space Transportation for the Next-Generation
・Excursion ①
Culture Night
June 7th (Wed) ・Academic Session
・OS 2: A Sustainable Exploration Program for the Moon, Mars and Beyond 
・Academic Session
・OS3: Young Professionals Program, Sustainable Space Development Visions 2040
・Excursion ②
New Space Night(Space BD)
June 8th (Thu) ・Academic Session
・Student Session (S session )
・Academic Session
・Student Session (S session )
・Poster Session
・Excursion ③
June 9th (Fri) ・Academic Session
・Control contest
・Academic Session Closing Ceremony (Award Ceremony + Closing Ceremony

* Exhibition: Public Event
* Opening Ceremony / Special Session: Kurume City Plaza The Grand Hall
* Academic Session: Conference Room (4F, 5F, etc.)
* Exhibition: Exhibition Room