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Tokushima Prefecture, situated near Osaka—Japan’s second-largest city—is well-connected to the main island via the Akashi Kaikyo and Naruto Bridges, serving as a gateway to Shikoku Island. Tokushima City combines the charm of a waterfront location, the heritage of a historical castle town, and the vibrancy of an urban cityscape.

The ASTY-Tokushima, the venue for the 35th ISTS, is centrally located in Tokushima City. It boasts over 20 convention facilities, including a large-sized multi-purpose hall capable of accommodating up to 5,000 attendees.

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Tokushima City is accessible from Honshu via several convenient routes:

By Air

Tokushima Awa Odori Airport offers regular flights from Tokyo and Fukuoka, as well as seasonal flights from Sapporo. For more information, visit the Tokushima Awa Odori Airport website.

By Rail:

The Limited Express “Uzushio” provides service from Okayama to Tokushima. Details are available on the JR Shikoku website.

By Express Bus:

Frequent express buses to Tokushima are available from cities such as Osaka and Kobe. More information can be found on the JR Shikoku Bus website and the Tokushima Bus website.