We plan to give the following three kinds of awards to the students and researchers who made excellent works and presentations at the 33rd ISTS.

Student Session Awards

The following special prize will be awarded to meritorious papaer.

● General Chairperson Award
The Prize winner will be given the opportunity to attend International  Symposium on space field.IAC2022(International Astronautical Congress).

● JSASS (The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences)President Award.

● Modi Memorial Jaya-Jayant Award.

● JAXA President Award

● SPSS (Society for Promotion of Space Science) President Award

● Japanese Rocket Society Award

Best Poster Award

Several excellent posters presented at the poster session will be awarded.
It will be judged by vote of all participants at the poster session.


The 10th Spacecraft Control System Design Contest

Several prizes will be given to participants who designed excellent control algorithms.