Social Programs

Due to the extension of priority measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the 33rd ISTS  will be held online, so this program will also be canceled. That would be unfortunate but please use it by all means when you come to Beppu.

Welcome Reception

On Monday evening, all ISTS/NSAT participants will be cordially invited to the Welcome Reception by the Governor of Oita Prefecture and the Mayer of Beppu City with Japanese hospitality. 


Date: February 28 (Mon) 19:00~21:00
Place: Hikari Hall, Suginoi Hotel (*There
Admission Fee : Free
is a shuttle bus to the venue.)

Cultural Night: "Jigoku Mushi Kobo"

Cre: Travel: Steamy Beppu soothes the soul with heavenly hot spring 'hell' - (Mainichi Japan)

At Kannawa-onsen Hot Spring in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, "Jigoku Mushi Cuisine" using steam from hot springs, which is geothermal energy, has been popular since the Edo period.
The Jigoku Mushi Kobo is a facility where you can experience the traditional cooking method "Jigoku Mushi Cuisine" by steaming meat and vegetables in a steamer and eating them as they are after cooking. In addition, many people are surprised at its delicious taste. The 100% natural steam heat from the hot spring is used to steam the ingredients of the hot spring at a high temperature so the flavors of the ingredients are condensed and seasonal vegetables and local fresh ingredients can be cooked deliciously.
There is also a cooling equipment monument, a drinking fountain, and a corner where you can learn about the history of iron rings and hot springs. You can experience the history and culture unique to Beppu and iron rings. In addition, there is a foot-steam bath and a wheelchair accessible footbath in the next pocket park so you can enjoy delicious food and relieve your travel fatigue. " (Cre: Premium Stay Kyushu)

Date: March 1st (Tue)
(1)17:00 - (Up to 30 people)  (2)18:00 - (Up to 30 people) 
Place: Jigoku Mushi Kobo Kannawa
Admission Fee : Free
(*)You can share the "Jigoku Mushi dish" with 3 people
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Commendation & Closing Ceremony

The 33rd ISTS and 10th NSAT, 14th LCPM Organizing Committee intends to make this last evening of the joint symposium an unforgettable event. 

Date: March 4th (Fri) 18:30~20:30
Place: B-con Plaza, Reception Hall
Admission Fee : 5,000 JPY