Poster Session

Date & Time: 17:40 – 19:00, Thursdays, June 8,2023
Venue: Foyer of Kurumeza (3rd floor)

In the Poster Session, light meals and beverages are provided for the participants.

The Poster Session includes a Shotgun Session, during which on-site presenters will be asked to give a brief presentation of their poster to the participants within 30 seconds. The Shotgun Session starts from 17:55. Presentation materials, which are submitted posters, will be projected on a screen by the secretariat. On-site presenters are requested to arrive at the session venue by 17:00.

Notice for online presenters and participants:

All posters and presenters’ e-mail addresses are open to the conference participants on the paper handling system (“”).

Q&A can be conducted via e-mail.

Associate Prof. Akira Kawasaki
Poster Session Chairperson