Social Programs

Let’s experience the tea ceremony ❕🍵

Will be held from 15:00 to 16:00 every day from June 5th to 8th at the 4th floor Japanese-style room.

We accept only 10 people every day. If you are interested, please apply below.

tea ceremony is a formal occasion where “matcha” tea is prepared and served to guests in a fixed and traditional way.

Tea ceremony is also the art of preparing and serving tea in this way.

Welcome Reception  Organizer: Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume City

DateJune 5th, 2023
Time and Place18:30 Start
Hotel New Plaza Kurume
Admission FeeFree


Cultural Night: “Taste Comparison of Hakata Wagyu Steak Experience”

Fukuoka Prefecture has the image of a consumer prefecture with a growing population and urbanization. However, an hour’s drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there is still plenty of nature to be found, and the prefecture is also a producer of rice, wheat, fruit trees, vegetables, and other crops. In the southern part of the prefecture, the Chikugo Plain, which is fed by the abundant water of the Chikugo River, is a major producer of many agricultural products.
Hakata Wagyu is carefully raised against the backdrop of Fukuoka Prefecture’s rich natural environment. In particular, rice straw, which is produced after the rice harvest, is very important as feed for raising cattle. The abundance of rice straw available in Fukuoka Prefecture and the use of high-quality rice straw produced in the prefecture are the characteristics of Hakata Wagyu.

Culture Night will be held at Nakatsuru Yakiniku and Japanese Steakhouse, a famous restaurant in Kurume.

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The meats are carefully selected by the owner himself based on his many years of experience and discernment and included top-quality Japanese Hakata beef from various parts of Kyushu.
The restaurant uses low-pesticide rice grown with love and care by local farmers in the suburbs of Kyushu.

Cutting show




Opening Greeting
Speech about Hakata Beef and Beef meat Cutting Show
Taste Comparision and Meal
Closing Greeting

DateJune 6th, 2023 (Tue.) 18:30~20:30
PlaceNakatsuru Yakiniku and Japanese Steakhouse
Admission Fee3,000 JPY



Commendation and Closing Ceremony  Organizer: ISTS Organizing Committee

DateJune 9th, 2023 (Fri.)
Time and Place18:30~20:30 / Suikoen Hotel
AdmissionEarly Bird5,000 JPY/OnSite6,000 JPY(First
200 to arrive)