Symposium Program

Program Book (May.26,2023)

June 3rd (Sat)  Exhibition
June 4th (Sun) ・Participation registration acceptance start
・Space education session) (U session)
June 5th (Mon)・Opening Ceremony 
・Special Session:World Space Highlight
・Special Session: Keynote Speech/Space for all —Building a sustainable society —

・Special Session 2/Sustainable Space Endeavors: Transforming Ideas into Impactful, Diverse Actions

・Welcome reception
June 6th (Tue)・Academic Session
・OS 1 Space Transportation
・Academic Session
・OS 1 Sustainable Space Transportation for the Next-Generation
・Excursion ①
Culture Night
June 7th (Wed)・Academic Session
・OS 2: A Sustainable Exploration Program for the Moon, Mars and Beyond 
・Academic Session
・OS3: Young Professionals Program, Sustainable Space Development Visions 2040
・Excursion ②
New Space Night(Space BD)
June 8th (Thu)・Academic Session
・Student Session (S session )
・Academic Session
・Student Session (S session )
・Poster Session
・Excursion ③
June 9th (Fri)・Academic Session
・Control contest
・Academic SessionClosing Ceremony (Award Ceremony + Closing Ceremony

* Exhibition: Public Event
* Opening Ceremony / Special Session: Kurume City Plaza The Grand Hall
* Academic Session: Conference Room (4F, 5F, etc.)
* Exhibition: Exhibition Room