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The Perfect Balance between City and Countryside Kurume is a medium-sized city in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Located 30 minutes by local train (17minutes by Shinkansen) and less than an hour by car from Fukuoka City, Kurume is a transportation hub for southern Fukuoka Prefecture. Why not take advantage of this convenient access to pick fruit year-round and be healed by Kurume’s bountiful nature and beautiful flowers? The blessings of nature have also produced a diverse food culture here. For example, Kurume is the birthplace of tonkotsu (pork-bone broth) ramen and is known for its abundant array of ingredients for yakitori (grilled meat on a stick). With sake breweries that are attracting attention around the world, Kurume is satisfying the appetites of visitors within and beyond Japan. Kurume is also known as “the birthplace of rubber Industry”.
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Kurume City Plaza


1. How to get from Tokyo to Kurume City

You can take a flight from Haneda Airport to Fukuoka Airport for about 1 hour 55 minutes or from Narita Airport to Fukuoka Airport for about 2 hours 5 minutes.

From Fukuoka Airport, you have some ways to come to Kurume City.

  • By highway bus

Take highway bus (Nishitetsu highway bus) from Fukuoka Airport to “Mutsumon/City Plaza Mae” Bus Stop (no transfers)

Highway bus timetable information

Please note that the time may change on the day of the event.
No change between weekdays and weekend or holidays
  • By taxi

You can take a taxi to come to Kurume City Plaza from Fukuoka Airport for ¥10000~¥12000。

  • By train from Hakata Station

2. How to get from Osaka to Kurume City Plaza

Take Shinkansen(Kagoshima Chuo) from Shin Osaka Station to JR Kurume Station

This is Shinkansen timetable from Shin Osaka Station to Kurume Station

The train nameDeparture timeArrival time
Sakura 5416:259:24
Sakura 5436:509:46
Sakura 54507:1510:12
Sakura 54708:0410:58
Sakura 54909:2312:21
Sakura 55110:0613:02
Mizuho 60711:0613:51
Sakura 55311:1814:23
Sakura 55512:0613:01
Sakura 55713:0616:01
Sakura 55914:0617:01
Sakura 56115:0618:01
Sakura 56315:1818:22
Mizuho 60916:0618:50
Sakura 56516:1819:21

Please note that the time may change on the day of the event.

3. How to get from Fukuoka City to Kurume City Plaza